Teacher's Testimonial


  • Soo Yi Yun

    Soo Yi Yun

    "This phrase became my mantra at the beginning of each day for three weeks at United Learning Centre."

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  • Gerry


    "The past four months has been the most fruitful one for me. The experiences and memories from ULC will always be close to my heart."

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  • Prema


    "I would like to give ULC my greatest appreciation for allowing me to volunteer as a teacher at ULC despite my inexperience."

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  • Wee Kee

    Wee Kee

    "My experience with ULC is an eye opener. Volunteering to teach is something new to me."

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  • Laura


    "I thank ULC for giving me the opportunity to work with the children. The experience is very rewarding and positive."

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  • Sarah Suhaimi

    Sarah Suhaimi

    "Undoubtedly, the time I spent at the United Learning Center was one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had in my life time."

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